Sunday, November 02, 2008


Having encountered this phenomenon too often recently, I decided to just mention it. Those who incorporate other people's words into their own discourse without proper attribution should know that their cheating has not gone undetected.

Easy to plagiarize on the Internet. Why grownup, supposedly intelligent people would choose to do so is another issue, which I do not pretend to understand. It might be due to ethical laziness. Or it is a desperate need to pass oneself as intellectually superior, when the actual wherewithal of knowledge and writing skills is simply not there. So the plagiarist resorts to stealing other people's words and work. Rather than remain silent, or write her own stuff, she simply helps herself to someone else's hard work and efforts.

With proper attribution, to quote another’s thoughts and words is appropriate; plagiarism, however, is cheating, and it may break copyright law as well. (Kenneth G. Wilson)


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