Monday, December 22, 2008

The Condition of Egypt-Israel Peace

Hugh Fitzgerald's take:

"Egypt has violated all of the promises it made in the Camp David Accords, to cease hostile propaganda against Israel and to encourage, in every way, friendly relations. Nothing like that has occurred; Mubarak visited Israel only for Rabin’s funeral, and has constantly rebuffed Israeli invitations; the Egyptian media has carried on an antisemitic campaign -- including a series on the government-run television, based on The Protocols. Egypt consistently runs sly interference for the mass-murderers running the government of the Sudan, and Egypt keeps playing a double game, but the Americans continue to fall for it, in the so-called “peace processing.”

Consider this, this, this, in support of the above.


At 8:55 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Egyptian "liberal" and "pro-democratic" opposition is in the forefront of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel agitation and propaganda.

It seems to be the one thing that unites Egyptians of differing political parties.

Those few Egyptians who speak out in favour of peace and reconciliation with Israel are ostracized and often deprived of their livelihood.

According to Jimmy Carter, the Egyptians have carried out their obligations under the Camp David accords fully. As far as I know, he has never been challenged on this matter.


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