Sunday, December 21, 2008

Engorged with Hatred

Spain’s Most Prestigious Newspaper, El Pais, mentioned in the comments on this post here, has written a report about the collapse of the Hamas-Israel "ceasefire".

Z-word's Eamonn McDonagh translated some excerpts, for our edification:

"But after six months of pseudo-truce - in November Israel destroyed one of the Strip’s secret tunnels and killed six militiamen…"

See the distortion, the reversal of cause and effect? Here is the sequence of events:

"A total of six Palestinians are dead following an Israeli air strike in Gaza Wednesday and an earlier skirmish with Hamas militants in the worst violent clashes in the territory since a June truce.

The Israeli army said the violence began late Tuesday after its forces uncovered a tunnel in central Gaza. The army claimed that militants planned to use the tunnel to abduct Israeli soldiers.

A special army unit was dispatched to the area to destroy the tunnel, said an army spokesperson. One Palestinian was killed and three were wounded in fierce gun battles that ensued, said Moaiya Hassanain, a Palestinian health ministry official.

Residents identified the man who was killed as a Hamas militant."

Hardly a difficult or complicated story to follow, is it? But no. As you can see from El Pais' s formulation, it leaves the reader with the impression that

"that those brutal Zionists had destroyed one of the hundreds of tunnels through which food, fuel, motorbikes, livestock and much else besides are smuggled into Gaza from Egypt. But it wasn’t one of those tunnels."

BTW, what tunnels would those be? These tunnels.

As usual, I wonder at the insatiable appetite exhibited by the readership of the likes of El Pais for engorging themselves upon the lies and falsifications of Israel's perfidy. I mean, those are basically rational people, aren't they? How can rational people continue to feed upon malicious propaganda, which does not even make much effort to conceal its own bias, without awareness and at least a few grains of salt?


At 9:23 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel's first ambassador to Spain, Shlomo Ben Ami, once foolishly described Spanish antisemitism as prevalent but harmless. He himself was feted and extolled for a short while, but the feelings of warmth and friendship soon evaporated and Spain today is led by individuals deeply antipathetic to Israel, such as Zapatero and Mortinas. The anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish wave is inspired from above as much as from below.

Antisemitism is a symptom of some deeper malaise in a society. Spain is a case in point. It is, like Portugal, a country that is only now beginning to examine its own history, a history of unimaginable monstrosity, of colonial cruelties beyond belief, of murder, hate and sadism, of bestial crimes against Jews and Moors, and of a recent civil war waged with a bloodthirstiness and savagery that is difficult to fathom.

Many Iberians, confronted with such an ugly visage when looking in the mirror, will resort to the natural avoidance strategies that the human psychology provides: projection, displacement and repression. Scapegoats and external enemies will be conjured up, all to avoid facing up to the painful truth about their own nations.


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