Monday, December 15, 2008

A fountainhead of hatred

Esteemed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay:

Ami Isseroff writes a public letter

The United Nations has maintained an incessant barrage of complaints regarding alleged Israeli violations of human rights in Gaza, allegations of a dire humanitarian crisis and impending disaster. Under the direct pressure of the United Nations, Israel recently transferred a large sum of money to the Hamas government in Gaza, ostensibly to pay salaries.

A part of this sum was used to finance a grotesque and barbaric public humiliation of the hostage (or "Prisoner of War") Gilad Schalit. The allegedly starving people of Gaza turned out en-masse to view this passion play elaborately staged by the Hamas masters of Gaza. This spectacle was no doubt watched by Schalit's parents and relatives, and very likely by Schalit himself, and could not fail to produce its intended effect: bottomless humiliation and agony.

Hamas seems to emulate Hizzbulla fondness for torturing Israeli parents whose sons were kidnapped.


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