Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Secrets from the Palestinian boudoir

Via MEMRI: The video

From the transcript:

PLO Ambassador to Lebanon Abbas Zaki, in an interview OTV on November 7, 2008 with OTV:

We consider the U.S. to be an enemy because its only strategic alliance is with Israel.

Interviewer: How could you possibly accept your enemy in your land?

Abbas Zaki: What do you mean? We meet even with Israel.

Interviewer: How can you consider Israel to be your enemy, if you signed a peace treaty with it?
Abbas Zaki: Allow me...
This enemy... If I had the capabilities of the U.S. – would I be fighting it or negotiating with it?

Interviewer: Israel ceased being an enemy once you signed a peace treaty with it. I don’t know how it could be your enemy. Do you talk to the Israelis as if they were your enemies? Do you talk to Israel as a friendly or enemy country?

Abbas Zaki: An enemy country, which owes us certain things. The heroic Vietnamese used to negotiate with the French, while they were slaughtering them.

Interviewer: I can assure you that in his speeches, Abu Mazen says the U.S. is a friendly country.

Abbas Zaki: Well, this isn’t true. Perhaps Abu Mazen, in his position, needs to use diplomatic language, but he is the greatest critic of the U.S.

Needless to say, to be critical of a country's policies is by no means the equivalent of being this country's enemies. Seems to me Mr. Zaki is traducing Abu Mazen's sotto voce, musings about the PA - US relationship through his own rather narrow and dark prism.

What an irresponsible "ambassador" for Palestinian affairs and interests.


At 11:36 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do any Arab nations have any friends? Even among other Arab nations?

Just curious.

At 9:10 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

An interesting question. I never thought about that. Usually, when declarations of solidarity are made by various Arab mouthpieces, they speak of "our brothers", not "our friends". It's a subject worth checking out.


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