Thursday, January 15, 2009

Antisemitism unleashed

'Jews are our dogs' revived, to media indifference:

" It didn’t make front-page news. It didn’t make back-page news. In Canada, this is, it seems, not news", Libin wrote on his blog. "The best our country’s journalists could muster was a story in the Montreal Gazette mentioning only that the crowd shouted “Stop the Madness” -- the agreeable slogan that did make the headline -- “Israel Assassin” and “Viva Viva Intifada.” (See this video). "These may have counted among the least remarkable of the oft-time violent and anti-Semitic cheers that rang out loudly on rue Ste. Catherine that day", Libin writes. He had the translation of Arabic slogans corroborated independently.

Buried in the 20th paragraph of the Gazette report, the representative from the Quebec-Israel Committee admitted that some chanting “called for the genocide of Jews.” Libin adds: "My Arabic translator tells me there is some chanting of the widely known "Khaibar, Khaibar Ya Yahoud" cheer, which alludes to the massacre of Jews by Mohammed's troops at Khaibar, near Medina. (It promises: "the army of Mohammed will return.") (Source: Point of no return)


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