Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comic relief

The popular Israeli comedy show Eretz Nehederet [A wonderful country], dubbed Israel's Saturday Night Live, does a skit on the international press' coverage of Gaza.

Watch here.

I must say, it is a little hyperbolic. Things are not as bad as that... yet.


This is related, and it's not comic, not one bit:

It makes for truly shocking viewing. As the smoke clears, the mangled, dismembered bodies of Palestinians come into view. The accompanying din of confusion and distress is almost unbearable. For many anti-war campaigners, if anti-Israeli sentiment was virulent before seeing the footage, it was a foaming wash of hatred afterwards. ‘The carnage is raw’, wrote one blogger, ‘it enrages me. I wish for Israel nothing but destruction.’ (1) Another blogger was near speechless: ‘There are no words to describe the terror of the Jewish state of Israhell.’ (2) Such was the stir created by the bloody footage that the French national broadcaster, France 2, decided to broadcast it.

And well they might. For here was a video clip which showed the barbarity of Israel at first hand, a piece of footage that said more about the one-sided nature of the war in Gaza than a thousand news reporters’ words ever could. But there was one problem with it: the clip was not what it puported to be. Yes, those really are Palestinians lying dead or maimed on the floor, but the footage is not from the current war in Gaza; it is from September 2005. And it does not show the aftermath of an Israeli air attack - it is the gruesome epilogue to the accidental explosion of a truck loaded with rockets at a Hamas rally.

Via the New Centrist: Ephraim Karsh:

The Palestinians are but the latest lightning rod unleashed against the Jews, their supposed victimization reaffirming the millenarian demonization of the Jews in general, and the medieval blood libel - that Jews delight in the blood of others.


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