Monday, January 12, 2009

CTV interview with Beryl Wajsman and Laith Marouf:

Scenes from an "anti-war" rally in Montreal:

"Jews are our dogs"

"Cease fire!" as the mob sets the Israeli flag on fire.

To get to the small pro-Israel rally, we had to go around the pro-Palestinian rally. Most signs were saying: "Israel terroriste” and the person speaking just then identified herself as a Jew. “The life of an Arab is of the same value as the life of a Jew” she was saying in French. But I have to wonder how genuine that statement felt to her when she heard the crowds roar: "Jews are our dogs"?? Do you think anyone on that rally heard and properly understood her words, except for us, who headed for the counter-rally?


At 11:32 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A popular chant, dating from the 1921 anti-Jewish Jaffa riots was "the government is with us and the Jews are our dogs".

This chant resurfaces regularly, with variants, when Arab mobs goes on the rampage and the ruling authorities support them.


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