Monday, January 19, 2009


A video was made by one Max Blumenthal showing a pro-Israel rally in New York.

You can watch it here.

(But be forewarned: graphic racist language and blood-curdling incitement to genocide!)

In this clip, Max asks various people he bumps into all kinds of questions about the Israeli operation to strike at Hamas in Gaza.

A poster here was kind enough to transcribe some of the comments he considers most egregious:


‘We’re here to support Israel ‘because they’re pro-western and everything … Don’t wanna get killed one day by these crazy people.’

MB: How many civilian casualties would it take before you questioned the attack?

A: There’s not a number involved.

Nothing good is going to come out of it unless they keep fighting all the way with it ’til they wipe them all out.

MB: Wipe ‘em all out?

Yeah, they gotta go strong with this.

They are forcing us to kill their children to defend our children!

MB: How is Israel kickin’ Hama Ass?

A: We have a very intelligent way of going about it. Very intelligent. We have the greatest intelligence out there. We try to minilmalise casualties as much as possible. Civilians. We have advanced technology.

MB: Israel knows what schools Hamas is hiding in?

A: Correct

MB: And then they blow up the whole school

A: They, they …

MB: Very intelligent –

A: Yes …

They’re hiding in schools

MB: They’re making bombs under the desk …


Those who are dying are suffering G-d’s wrath, but, but, we also believe that when the angel of death comes out he takes everyone in his path.

If Hamas could not differentiate between civilians and army, we don’t need to either. I think we should go with all force, and just go in and k-get them all.

So what if Israel just wiped Gaza off the map? What would be so wrong with that?


As you can see from the comments on the website where this video is shown, the commenters are outraged and appalled by the explicit racism and hatred pouring out of these Jews, so much so that they are referred to by the blog owner as: "Thick poisonous yank cunts."

A "yank" is an abbreviation of "Yankee" which means: "A nickname for a native or citizen of New England, especially one descended from old New England stock; by extension, an inhabitant of the Northern States as distinguished from a Southerner; also, applied sometimes by foreigners to any inhabitant of the United States."

Since most of the interviewees in this clip are obviously Jewish, and possibly
Chabadniks, I thought it was very sweet and multicultural of Will to designate them as bona fide "Yanks". It bestows upon them a certain all-
American toughness and
invulnerability, which is quite at odds with their actual pallid, plump appearance and stammering incoherent answers (Ahhhmmm….). With their seventeenth century Polish pale-of-settlement garb, side locks and scant beards, they seem a rather feeble lot, so... ghettoish ... but "posionous"? More like hapless and God-fearing salt-of-the-earth, who are out of their depth when accosted by a doctrinaire Leftist Loon who so clearly wants to shame and humiliate them, for the fashionable sin of supporting and loving Israel. To an arrogant and boorish atheist, such folks always seem stupid, dangerous and incredibly low-life.

I'd like to understand what is it exactly about them, but I mean exactly, that provokes such incontinent loathing? Can he be confusing them with these Hebron yanks??


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