Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1933 deja vu in Caracas

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"According to a report provided by sources of the Cicpc, the attack was due, unofficially, to the fact that one of the defendants, Edgar Alexander Cordero, an officer of the Metropolitan Police who was also a bodyguard of one of the rabbis of the synagogue, asked him for a loan and when the rabbi refused, Cordero decided to plan the robbery of the synagogue, since he thought that the safes had plenty of money.

... Venezuela's justice minister,Tareck El Aissami,
(is he local?) said that one of the two security guards on duty during last month's attack at the Tiferet Israel Synagogue helped intruders by cutting electricity cables feeding an electric fence surrounding the building and deactivating the alarm.

Elias Farache, president of the Venezuelan-Israelite Association, told The Associated Press that he could not confirm that one of the suspects had worked as a bodyguard for a rabbi.
Later a change of tune.

in a press conference on Monday, Interior and Justice Minister El Aissami tried to put the blame on the Jews themselves."

A synagogue is attacked, computer hard disks with the names and other details of most members of the Jewish community are stolen. It turns out that police officers were leading this break-in. A scramble to find the justification and, failing that, an extraordinary claim that the Jews themselves had ordered the attack, to generate sympathy for themselves. A claim made by a Venezuelian Justice minister named El Aissami .


At 12:09 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Venezuela's economic collapse may be very short on the horizon. This sort of thing will probably increase. But the whole thing is/was entirely predictable....yet the Western Left will always cozy up to Leftwing Authoritarian human rights abusing governments. Secretly, they wish for the same here in the US...a US Chavez to bring change to America and hope to the world. Anyways his incompetent(oilmen) political cronies at the Nationalized Oil Company along with the decrease in oil prices and Chavez's all around grandiose stupidity conspire to bring Venezuelans who voted for him their just rewards....he has the Jews lined up for scapegoats, and the Venezuelan people lined up as dirt poor hungry slaves. What a shame.

Venezuela heading for collapse


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