Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better Cigarettes and Time-delayed Rockets

Two of Gaza's thriving industries: tunneling and missile-making



"Third man: "Man, you are suffocating us with your 'Cleopatra' cigarette smoke."

Smoker: "Man, it is a different brand."

Third man: "Okay, go ahead and smoke. As soon as we open the tunnel, we will bring in 'Super' cigarettes from Egypt."


Wael 'Assam: "Sheik Abu Dujana is wanted by Israel. Why wouldn't he be? After all, he is a veteran missile-maker in Gaza.

"How many missiles have you made in recent years?"

Sheik Abu Dujana: "300-500 missiles. The range of this missile is 16-20 km."

Wael 'Assam: "Which areas of Israel have you targeted with these missiles?"

Sheik Abu Dujana: "Ashkelon, and the Nahal Oz area.


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