Monday, February 16, 2009

Pashtun child wants book, not bomb!

I wrote about the planned rally against Taliban atrocities, here.

Terry Glavin's continued coverage here:

"Said CASC's Lauryn Oates: “Canadians must urgently confront the commonplace and bigoted misconception in this country that the Taliban are somehow a legitimate expression of Pashtun or Afghan culture or politics.”

JBLOG Central has some photos:

"Zbig told me they contacted all sorts of media about the rally, but only the City tv station crew showed up. Even the familiar faces of photographers that always attending this type of rallies, particularly anti-Israel rallies somehow were not seen around... it doesn't fit with their narrative."

So much for the power of the Jewish media, eh? I'm sorry about the sarcasm but I am puzzled by this absence of visible and audible and readable support from the crowds for the systematic gutting of schools, acid disfiguring of little girls, mass murder and general thuggery masquerading as religious piety. Seems to me that as long as the perpetrators of these atrocities can be seen as preserving their religious imperatives, anything they do is forgiven, ignored, waved away. What can you do? These are their ways.


At 4:22 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is even a double standard there, Noga. Christians are not treated with the same respect.

At 5:42 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Western Left's main position is that of the destruction of Western Civilization....and the advancement of all other cultures and "minority groups."

Its a nihilistic ideology.


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