Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple and sleepy days were never right for us

Shlomo Artzi is an Israeli singer and artist.

Here he writes in introspection about the Israeli elections, probably reflecting the feelings and thoughts of most Israelis:

Are these elections fateful? Apparently they are. After all, around here everything is always fateful.

On this day, I pray that politics will bring us back what it has been taking away from us for years now, and especially our self-respect, our conscience, and Gilad, the boy and soldier we lost in Gaza. I pray that our elected officials will mess up our lives here to a lesser extent than before because of their indifference, while lowering the threshold of evil, violence, wars, and corruption.

So this is what we have, and with this knowledge and with a small hope that maybe, maybe…we shall go and vote today. As to what will happen later, well, all of you already know that…

Over the years, I learned along with everyone else in this country that simple and sleepy days were never right for us around here, and that we have not had leaders who are bigger than life for a long time now. (H/T to Mano, an occasional contributor to my blog)


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