Sunday, February 22, 2009

The sound of appeasement

President Obama succeeded in being elected not for by the virtue of keeping his silence. He knew very well when to reserve his silence, and when to speak.

So I'm hoping that the meaning of this silence is not what I fear it to be: the silence of appeasement:

The main reason I do this is that I gave the benefit of the doubt to the administration's motives in sending a delegation to the preparatory sessions in Geneva where some interventions proved just how weak we are and where also on other matters on which we should have intervened we skulked into the woodwork. And was I wrong!

If this is what engagement with our adversaries means, our friends should be very wary. The president has not yet been heard from on these happenings. Nor for that matter has Ambassador Rice. I believe that many people are waiting.

We'll wait and see, then.


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