Monday, March 02, 2009

Clash of civilizations in the UN?

Speaking of Hitchens, here he is, in fine form, speaking to Lou Dobbs about the scramble in the UN to pass a binding resolution making it illegal to criticize Islam in UN member states, notwithstanding the anti-constitutionality of such a restriction in many, if not all, of the UN democratic member states.

(H/T: Mick)


At 12:32 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Criticizing Islamism is legitimate and desirable, but Hitchens does not recognize that Israel is in the front line of the fight against it, and his hatred of all religion blinds him to the difference between Islam and Islamism. Furthermore Hitchens neither respects nor acknowledges Jewish national rights. Jews should be very wary of having anything to do with him.

Israel has laws dating from the Ottoman period that disallow demeaning of religions. These laws are on occasion enforced, for example when Amos Kenan tried to stage his play "Chaverim Mesaprim Al Yeshu". Nothing will be gained in Israel or elsewhere by legalizing anti-Moslem, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish polemics that fanatics wish to engage in. Any redeeming social or artistic value such activities may have is far outweighed by the sectarian incitement they engender.

At 6:58 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This false distinction of Islam and Islamism is very tiring.

British Muslims want shariah law, which means Muslim Supremacism and 2nd class status to non Muslims. British Muslims are Islamists and Islamists...because the 2 are the same.


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