Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Two about media bias:

Graphic Representations of Pathological Disorders in the Media @ Breath of the Beast:

Friend and mentor Landes pointed the way (and gave a very insightful introduction) to a very informative and dramatic graphic representation at Stealth Conflicts of a telling symptom of the sick fascination that the Media harbors for vilifying Israel. SC posted a series of statistically accurate graphs that reveal the media's pathological obsession with the casualties of Palestinians- and callousness to the vast slaughters in other areas. It got me to thinking about how to use the same graphic representation techniques to draw the lessons of this bias. Below are my suggestions - The statistical accuracy is nil but the suggestions are real.

Go and see for yourself the graphic imaging of anti-Israeli bias, here


Time magazine's war against the Jewish people
@ Ami Isseroffs blog

Evidently Time endorses the Hamas program and their method of changing government, and urges the Obama administration to adopt it. It is unlikely however, that "reluctant Israel" will take steps to break the impasse regardless of any pressure, because the only "steps" Israel could take to "break the impasse" would be to agree to its own destruction. Moral qualms aside, if the Obama administration legitimizes Hamas without insisting that Hamas abandon its genocidal program, it will be killing the U.S. backed peace process that has been the centerpiece of U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East for over 30 years, and handing victory to Iran and its allies, whose goal is to sabotage the peace process in order to fight US influence in the Middle East.

Time's campaign against Israel is bizarre, though similar changes have come about in previously respectable and professional mass media. It is hard to believe that Time Magazine's editors really think that Israeli soldiers are the monsters portrayed in Tim McGirk's coverage, or that they really do not know what UN Resolution 194 actually states, or why the United States does not recognize Hamas. The distortions and omissions can only be malicious and intentional.


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