Monday, April 20, 2009

Hungary: Raising the Golem

From sign and Sight:

poet Akos Györffy has some ideas about where Hungary's hatred of Roma, Jews and gays is heading: "All the petty anti-Roma, anti-Semitic and anti-gay verbal abuse will roll into something much bigger than anyone can imagine – and this will happen at precisely the moment when all the homosexual, Jew and Roma-baiters start washing their hands or crawling into quiet corners and claiming that they had nothing to do with it all. If there is a moral crisis in this country, and there certainly is, then all the Jew, Roma and homosexual abuse, which over the last two decades have been expressed in industrial proportions, has precipitated it. The fruit is gradually ripening and blood has already been spilled. All the foul and cowardly talk has collected and formed into a Golem which is now setting out on its terrifying way. Wherever he goes, it leaves a trail of bodies behind it, fathers and sons filled with bullets, teachers and old women battered to death. We have made this Golem with our words. He needed us to come into life, and we were only too willing to help."


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