Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Some people in this world seem to have a lot of interest in blood. Here are two examples:

1. A pious person asks a reasonable question:

I would like to know if it permissible for a Muslim to donate blood. It is not certain whether the blood will be given to a Muslim or non-Muslim, but living in America, the majority are Kuffar. It is noted that to prolong the life of a Kafir is not allowed since he will use "Muslim" blood to commit acts of evil and that Muslims should only donate to Muslims. Please clarify in detail your response.
(H/T: NWO)

(Spotted on the Internet, re: the above: "What's wrong with the answer below the question?")

2. Sucking blood is a Zionist passion:

Recently, Syria's government dailies have published antisemitic articles. In one, columnist Jallal Kheir Bekclaimed that the Jews sucked the blood from Jesus' wounds during His crucifixion, and called for the Arabs, Muslims, and Christians to unite to defeat them.

In the second article, researcher Mustafa Antaki called the Jews "blood-letters," and accused them of sucking the blood and consuming the resources of "the peoples."


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