Sunday, June 21, 2009

A lonely fight

What gets through:

“Can’t the United Nations help us?” one woman asked me. I said I doubted that very much. “So,” she said, “we are on our own.”

The world is watching, and technology is connecting, and the West is sending what signals it can, but in the end that is true. Iranians have fought this lonely fight for a long time: to be free, to have a measure of democracy.


At 9:43 PM EDT, Blogger ModernityBlog said...

They've even got an underground newspaper in PDF format, how cool!

At 6:47 PM EDT, Anonymous Selma said...

It's 3 am in Tehran. I'm sitting in the dark, waiting for a miracle to happen. ‎
Two of my friends who were at the protests today are missing. No sign of them, their cell ‎phones are off, no one knows where they are. We know a large number of people were ‎arrested today, but there is no list of detainees, no place to refer to, we don’t know who is ‎arresting them and where they are taken.‎
Tonight of all nights, I feel that “loneliness” with my flesh and blood.‎
I don’t dare write this in my own weblog. Just visited your blog to read your recent posts ‎and couldn’t help writing this comment here.‎
Yes, we have fought this lonely fight for a long time…‎
But is the world hearing our voice? Is there anybody out there?‎

From Tehran with Love - Selma

At 5:41 AM EDT, Blogger bob said...

I have to say that my priority in reacting to what has been going on in Iran has been adding my voice to those voices in the West in solidarity with the uprising. It had not occurred to me, until reading this message, that it is important too to communicate directly with those in struggle and let them know we are here for them.


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