Thursday, July 16, 2009

2012 London Olympics - A Zionist Conspiracy

Some Muslims are obsessed with Jews, or, as they like to say 'Zionists". They see Zionist plots everywhere.

Here is the latest I encountered:

... You may well remember the pride we all felt when as Londoners and Muslims our City beat Paris with considerable support from the Muslim world to secure the bid. In addition, you may also recall the bid video of black and Muslim faces and Seb Coe highlighting the importance of London's diversity in securing the Games.

However, scratch beneath the superficiality of the growing number of spin merchants at 2012 and ask yourself what exactly are they doing with our London Muslim council taxpayers money and how are they reflecting London Muslims in their work.

The first thing they do is appoint a millionaire banker from Goldman Sachs to be their Chief Executive. A man who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time taking "holidays" in Israel. Coincidentally, 2012 seem to have a very good relationship with Israel's IOC member Alex Gilady. Interestingly, he's often to be seen in the company of 2012 and when required for the world's media can always be relied on for a sympathetic quote.

The next thing they do is appoint Alex Balfour as their head of New Media. So what you may ask. Ah, Mr Balfour is the grandson of the infamous Lord Arthur Balfour former British PM who was responsible for the Balfour Declaration that led to the creation of the state of Israel. Have a guess how many Muslims Mr Balfour employs, I'll give you a clue, its below the number 1.

So what you may still ask bet they have a community relations team. Well, yes they do, but why is it their focus seems to be managing the concerns of a small minority of Zionist extremists who appear determined, at the behest of their political masters in Israel, to get a memorial built in London to mark the 30th anniversary of the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes. Have a guess how many Muslims they employ, again, I'll give you a clue its below the number 1.

"The cultural Olympiad" a so called celebration of culture has already been launched. What celebration of muslim culture and civilasation is included in the plans. Have a guess how many Muslims are employed by their culture team. No more clues.

Oh, and you may know that 2012 is being held during Ramadan. Oh thanks guys, so while we Muslims will be primarily although not exclusively focused on fasting, prayer and contemplation the rest of our great city will be focused on the world's biggest sporting event in our backyard.

I'll be returning to 2012 in future posts to try and uncover what return 1 Million Muslim council taxpayers are getting from an organisation that increasingly seems to be taking us for a ride.

Here is from one of the comments:

Personally I think enough Muslims have worked to build homes in illegal Israeli settlements, enough Muslim doctors have nursed Israelis in illegal Israeli settlements, enough Muslims have collected rubbish in Israeli areas and worked for the gutter elite in general (Tescos, M&S, Loyds etc). It is time for us sell out Muslims to stop offering our services to the gutter elite and zionists.

Paranoia, fantasy and megalomania ("Muslim doctors have nursed Israelis in illegal Israeli settlements"???).

At what point do you stop coddling and excusing this type of hatred in the name of the multiculturalist God?


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