Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Antisemitism as protected culture?

I just read this courtesy of one poster on TNR's Spine:

"In 2001 Miriam started teaching at a school largely populated by children of refugees, mainly from Djibouti and Eritrea, countries where there are no Jews but where hatred of Jews is deeply entrenched in the culture.

During the academic year of 2002-2003 Miriam started to encounter anti-Semitic taunts from students, such as "Does someone see a Jew here, someone smell a Jew? It stinks here." When she reported this and similar insults to the principal, the principal did not follow up. Indeed, the principal seemed more concerned about the students' sensibilities than hers.

The principal instructed teachers not to offend their Muslim students; they were not to look students in the eye, they were not to gesture with the forefinger to bid them approach and they were not to interfere with male students who were physically aggressive to male teachers.

During the invasion of Iraq, moments of silence were held in the classroom. Cultural presentations involved only Muslim culture and no Canadian content. Students were allowed to leave assembly during the playing of the national anthem.

The crisis of this story occurred when Miriam admonished a student for wearing a Walkman in class. The student screamed at her: "I don't have to listen to you; you are not a person, you are nothing, you do not exist as a person." When Miriam demanded he accompany her to the principal's office, the student followed her down the hall yelling, "Don't speak to me, don't look at me, you are not human, you are a Jew."

Although the student was ultimately suspended for 10 days, his parents expressed puzzlement about the punishment since, they patiently explained, the teacher was after all Jewish. They complained about the severity of the punishment to the school board."

"[W]here hatred of Jews is deeply entrenched in the culture."

I wonder if Canada is heading this way? People averting their gaze, moving away, requesting transfer, rather than stay and educate and break down this medieval menace? Again, silence and passive acceptance in the face of overt aggressive hatred? What can possibly be the reason for this silence, for the actions taken by this particular principal in appeasing the entrenched prejudices in his/her students' minds? And how come people fear for their safety if they sue for justice? What is going on in this Canada?


At 9:27 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

What is going on is 40 years of New Leftism.

At 1:07 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

I'm amused by the extent of your old friends' hypocrisy. Apparently, manager in chief is not amused at being duped by you and her own incoherent friend is shocked at the mendacity of a multiple persona.

Should be recalled that it was cookie's practice, when banned on CR, to reappear under another moniker: She started as Ebo, re-appeared as GoKnow and then went through a third reincarnation as cookie. Each time she tried to pretend she was a new poster and each time her own incontinent big mouth betrayed her true identity. When found out, she would resort to her usual bellicose fishwife routine. And her so called solicitous "friend", always justifying the doublers and triplers.

I wonder at you NWO that you would consider this kind of subterfuge. Did you intend to mislead? Or was it an accidental glitch? Did you really not realize that the so-called ladies were not aware of who you are? I saw you post under EscapeVelocity/NWO, EV or NWO. Never thought it significant because I knew it was you.

At 3:23 AM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

No subterfuge was intended. I was invited back. However the management couldnt figure out how to "ungag" me and suggested I create a new account and return that way. Which I did.

After 1 post, Haynes made a comment about a Southern Boy. So I thought everybody knew...especially as the conversation had just ended that led to my appearance. And lets face it, that isnt a hotbed of new posters.

I posted as EV/NWO quite a bit for a while so that everyone who knew me as NWO would know who I was. Ive dropped the NWO...and almost exclusively post as EscapeVelocity.

Haynes even caught on that EscapeVelocity posts here.

There was zero intent at subterfuge or manipulation. In fact the exact oposite is true.

However, the whole thing is whacky, and not really worth the time it took to make this post.

I even made a point to explain that I post as EV almost everywhere I have a presence on the net. The unstated implication was that I was normalizing there at an opportune time.

misunderstanding is all

At 8:08 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

I thought as much, NWO. I did not think it like you to try to hide behind an alias, especially one known to be yours anyway. I may disagree with much of your political positions and sentiments, but I always took you to be a gentleman. Well, we'll wait and see if your comrades are as intelligent and fair as they believe themselves to be:)


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