Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arabesque Hypocrisy

Here is how a Syrian Arab marked Holocaust Day in Dubai:

"Today, an ex bouncer is ensconced in the confines of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, a racist pig who at 2003 had offered to provide busses to transfer the thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli dungeons to the dead sea, should the Israeli government agree to drown them there. Today, Arab farmlands are still being confiscated in the west bank to build homes to the Jewish settlers. Today, there is no hope in sight of a Palestinian state. Today, thousands of Gazan families are either still mourning their loved-ones, or living in cold tents as refugees for the Gazillion time. Today, there are millions of Palestinians scattered around the world with no hope of return. Today, there is a racist separation wall and there are racist and discriminatory policies against the indigenous population of Palestine. Today, there is the occupied Golan Height. Today, there is a water crisis in the west bank. Today, there is grief and sorrow everywhere in the Holy Land."

Never mind the disgusting bathos, the distortions, the lies, the in-bred contempt for Jews, for Israel, for verifiable, easily accessible history . What do you make of his "problem" with Ahmadinjad who "with all due respect, should have known better than to throw stones while he persecutes homosexuals and squashes dissent"?

Talk about throwing stone, from a Syrian who seems never to give even a fleeting thought to his own country's genocidal record, which, ironically surpasses even Iran's record of human rights abuses.

Or the fact that his country has given refuge to Alois Brunner, the world's highest-ranking Nazi fugitive believed still alive.

Or the fact that "The state of human rights in Syria is among the worst in the world as reported by the US State Department."

One might think that a person of such delicate sentiments for Palestinian suffering would be dimly aware of all this, right? What to make, then, of this absence of proper feeling for the suffering of Syrians? Could it be that the suffering of Arabs when inflicted by Arabs is so widely accepted as to excite no more interest than a "dog bites man" news story? Two weights two measures?


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