Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Debunking Palestinian Myths

@ Michael Totten: Over crowded Gaza?

A reminder: in September 2009, Z-word blog published a detailed analysis countering this myth, here:

"So, the “Palestinian territories” are not one the most populated places on the planet.

The Gaza Strip is not one of the most populated places in the world.
Nor Gaza city is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
And not even Gaza refugee camps -which house a small percentage of the Palestinian population- are unique
in this respect either. A villa miseria in Buenos Aires, Argentina is as densely populated as them. A villa miseria in Brasil, or Mexico or Venezuela or India is several times more densely populated than a Palestinian refugee camp.

But why, you may and should ask, are the Palestinians in Gaza still living in refugee camps, when Israel has not been in control of the territory between 1949 to 1967 and again since august 2005? Now that the Palestinians are in full control of the territory,how come do refugee camps for Palestinians exist in the territory that Palestinians rule? Why is a noticeable percentage of their population still living in relative overcrowding if there are enough empty spaces in the Gaza strip to create model neighborhoods and tall buildings? Ask the UNRWA and ask Hamas."


@ Ray Cook: How much like Warsaw Ghetto Gaza is

"I hope you noticed the similarity between Israel and Nazi Germany here?

“8000 Gazan(s).. AND their loved ones have entered Israel for medical reasons.” (my emphasis). How many sick Jews were allowed to leave the Warsaw Ghetto to travel to Polish or German hospitals? Answer. Zero.

How many vaccines against typhus and other diseases rampant in the ghetto were sent in by the Germans? Zero.

Gaza may not be the French Riviera but it’s certainly no Warsaw Ghetto either and to say so is a lie.

Unlike the Jews in Warsaw who were rounded up, ghettoised and had evil visited upon them, Gazans, who voted for Hamas and supported their continuous bombardment of Southern Israel might consider why Cast Lead was visited upon THEM. They might also consider which of the protagonists is acting like Nazis."

More on this obscene analogy, here, here, and here, too.


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