Friday, December 11, 2009

Swiss Radical Imams

@ Islam in Europe: The Muslim Trouble in Switzerland:

"The study begins by saying that most Muslims can practice their faith while following the constitution. Religion is rarely the main reason for integration problems. A minority of imams, however, preach radically, in a way which prevents the integration of Muslims. At least 8 imams in a dozen mosques preach a radical interpretation of Islam. These mosques are located in the cantons of Geneva, Neuenburg (2), Vaud (2), Valais, Bern, Basel (2), Lucerne and Zurich (2). These mosques are mostly Arab mosques, and seven of the eight imams are North Africans. This corresponds to the known pattern that most of the Islamist activists in Switzerland are Arabs."

The highlighted statement fits in with Mick Hartley's post in which he said:

"I rather doubt that Swiss Muslims were ever particularly interested in cultural domination; especially as the majority are originally from Bosnia or Kosova, where the ideals of secularism are far better grounded that they are in the Muslim heartlands further east. If there was one European country where Hirsi Ali's argument had least force, it would probably be Switzerland. "


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