Friday, January 01, 2010 ifs, no buts..

Via: Terry Glavin,

British MP, John Mann, accepts Jan Karski Award:

And I come not to elaborate on the threats, threats that you know all too well. And there are many:

The satellite stations of Saudi Arabia
The resurgent Nazis of Eastern Europe
The new revisionists of the Baltics
The President of Iran
The British intellectuals who get nervous when I label them accurately, not as the anti Zionists they wish to be know as, but as the racists that they have become
The scholars including Americas, who answer every argument with a but. When there are no ifs, no buts in the fight against anti-semitism.


At 10:06 AM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

And I will bet there are more. But you know, listing threats is a bad habit, may cause one what I would call Caroline syndrome - after Caroline Glick, who is so adept in doing just that.

Let's take them threats one at a time, I suggest. And the simplest ones to start with - like #1 and #3 that require only one or two F-16 and a bit of advance planning.


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