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Not so fast, says I:

"Human Development Report 2009"


Human Development Indicators


Table J p. 181:

Under: Gender-related Development Index (first column):

27. Israel Rank: 26


Life expectancy: 82.7

Rate enrollment in education: 92.1

Estimated income: 20,599


35. United Arab Emirates Rank: 38


Life expectancy: 78.7

Rate enrollment in education: 78.7

Estimated income: 18,361


It's not about who is better. It's about truth, facts and records. How lies can be cited, recited and taken at face value without the slightest urge to check up on sources.


At 1:01 AM EDT, Blogger Birdalone said...

Have we met at Obama's seder, the one with the visible lion?

At 6:15 PM EDT, Anonymous TNC said...

Hi there,

I just got back from two weeks in India and we had a 12+ hour layover in Dubai which is where a cousin of my wife's has been working for over a decade.

He picked us up from the airport, took us home for lunch and drove us around for a short tour. We had an enjoyable time, mostly due to his hospitality.

In one of our conversations on his life in Dubai as a guest-worker/non-citizen, I asked what percentage of people in Dubai (which has a population of 1.1 mil) are citizens and what percentage are guest-workers, he told me 25-75. I was floored. I realized there was a high percentage of guest-workers, but I had no idea it was three-quarters of the population!

I wonder if these folks are included in the statistics or if the statistics only include citizens?

At 6:40 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Hi TNR. Good to see you. I hope all is well.

I posed you question at Buj's blogpost. Let's see if anyone out there would dare to pick it up:)

At 9:20 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

To Birdalone: the answer is yes.

At 2:19 AM EDT, Blogger An eye opener said...

Decades to "apartheid" slur by pro-Nazi, A. Shukeiri (Shukairy)

{6 years before 1967 war and 41 years before security anti terror defense barrier}

Ahmad al-Shuqairy, ash-Shuqayri, Shukeiri, Shukeiry , Shukairi, Shukairy:

* At WW2, he and his friends used to pray for Hitler's victories and for the defeat of Britain. (His own admission).

* Escaped in the 1940's with his associate Al-husseini, mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler's ally.

* He "had suggested that Palestinian and Libya's ulama' invite Mussolini to adopt a policy of non-cooperation with zionists and to treat them as the nazis were doing." (Arab source)

* Was a Nazis apologist.

* At the end of 1940s, he "compared Israel's economic planning for Jerusalem with Hitler's planning for a Nazi ruled Europe".

 * In 1952 compared plight of living Arab refugees to Millions perished in WW2.

* October, 1960 compared Israel to nazis.

* Invented the "apartheid" slur in Oct. 1961 at his UN diatribe (UN's 16th session). He also -at the same speech- objected to Eichmann being tried in Israel. It was on October 17, 1961. 

Almost 6 years before the six-day war which some call it an "occupation".  Some 41 years before the security barrier anti terror defense erected in Israel. He used the then momentum in U.N. against South Africa. So he just compared it to S.A. So he just compared it to S.A. That meme he uttered after already branding Israel with Nazi label, then he "dropped" "levels down." At the same speech of "apartheid" comparison, he objected to Eichmann being tried in Israel.  Then again later on he jumped up levels and said: "nastier than Fascism, uglier than Nazism." That and much like this, is of his legacy of wild labels-slapping, since enshrined in PLO charter. 

* In December 6, 1961 he denied there was any anti Semitism in the world claiming zionists "created" it. At the time he also questioned a Catholic member's loyalty stating he was Jewish. He also argued he's not Anti Semite because he is Semitic himself...

* In Nov. 30, 1962 praised, saluted infamous nazi gang Tacuara, some 5 months after (on 21 June 1962) they brutally attacked, carved swastikas on a 19 year old student as a "revenge" for eliminating Eichmann. He was fired by Saudi Arabia from UN post shortly after, over this. Apparently this was too much even for them to handle. 

* Called to annihilate Jews in Israel, 1966: "a war of extermination in which not a man, woman, or child should be spared". 



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