Thursday, March 04, 2010

Why is "Israel Apartheid week" an evil initiative?

The shortest, pithiest and bull's eye explanation, here:

Calling Israel, apartheid, Nazism, colonialism and racism is anti Semitic because of one simple reason. These are all evils to be abolished, and when someone describes the very existence of Israel as an evil to be abolished, that someone wants to abolish Israel. And if the security Israel gives to each and every one of its citizens is also apartheid, Nazism, colonialism and racism, then the very existence of every Israeli person is also apartheid, Nazism, colonialism and racism. And what could possibly be more racist then abolishing an entire people?

(The commenter is the blogger of Dvar Dea)


At 10:18 PM EST, Anonymous Tammy Obeidallah said...

I trust a person of your "acute intelligence" (har-dee-har-har-har) knows what apartheid means, but at least your apoplectic railing against Israeli Apartheid Week lets us know you aren't actually brain dead. Though you had me fooled for awhile...

At 1:52 AM EST, Blogger Dvar Dea said...

Mrs. Obeidallah, how are we to learn from this comment of yours that you are an intelligent person?
Judging from your past comments you are a very obedient and non-creative person.

At 7:31 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Dear Dvar Dea:

There is a reason why, in any zoo, there is a big sign posted on the monkey's cage: Please do not feed the monkeys!


BTW, nothing helps Israel's image more than to have the likes of Tammy advocate for the other side. She is so deliciously vulgar and antisemitic, so immune to reason or fact, so sincere in her insane loathing for Jews, that no reader can read what she says and not wonder what kind of people would allow her to represent their cause.

At 11:47 PM EST, Anonymous Tammy Obeidallah said...

Yeah, and you keep telling yourselves that...maybe you should try telling that to all the websites that publish my work. BTW, you never answered my question. Who publishes you? Oh, and your ass pimple Snoopy doesn't count, either.

At 11:47 PM EST, Anonymous Tammy Obeidallah said...

@ Dvar Dea...and let me guess...English isn't your first language?

At 6:40 PM EST, Anonymous TNC said...

"...maybe you should try telling that to all the websites that publish my work."

We all know there are loads of websites ready, willing and able to "publish" material like yours.

As to actual published work, you were a hack for a small-town newspaper in Nowheresville, USA and even that didn't last long. So now you are reduced to shouting threats and insults on the Internet.


At 2:02 AM EDT, Anonymous Tammy Obeidallah said...

TNC, online writing is quite lucrative. Oh wouldn't know because you could never write something anyone would publish--even for free! And these aren't threats, they're promises. Just ask Dan. :D


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