Thursday, June 24, 2010

Les Fleurs du mal

The horseman waves a sword that lights the gloom
Of nameless crowds he tramples to their doom,
And, like a prince his mansion, goes inspecting
The graveyard, which, no skyline intersecting,
Contains, beneath a sun that's white and bleak,
Peoples of history, modem and antique.

— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)

According to AP report:

"Arab youths threw stones at a Jewish dance group during a street festival in Hannover, injuring one dancer and forcing the group to cancel its performance, German police and dance officials said Thursday.

The teenagers also used a megaphone to shout anti-Semitic slurs during the attack Saturday, Hannover police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe said."

I suppose noticing that Arab youths hurl rocks at Jewish dancers in a street festival in Germany while shouting antisemitic slurs would count as indication of anti-Arab racism in some quarters. How dare we call them Arab youths? How dare we refer to their ethnicity? Imagine if someone said "Jewish youths threw stones at an Arab dance group during a street festival". Wouldn't we immediately accuse the journalist of being antisemitic?


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