Monday, August 23, 2010

Europe's New Realities

@ Islam in Europe

Q: We we must surely give Islam the same religious freedom as other religions?

"Absolutely. But it's important to understand that Islam is not just a religion like all others. Islam set rules for how society should be organized. The rules can only be implemented in practice if Islam has power in society. Therefore strong Muslim forces are trying to influence the form of European societies. We reject that. Muslims should have freedom to practice their faith. But Islam shouldn't have power," says Ralf Pittelkow.

"We point out that Islam's power shows up in different ways. It can be religious Islamists who want to implement their principles. But at the opposite end, it can also be Muslims gangs, who take control of a neighborhood. Even if they don't comply to the principles of Islam, it is clear that many of them identify strongly with Islam."

Q: Why are you so afraid of parallel societies? Isn't it an expression of diversity?

"It's not a positive diversity, but on the contrary, a deeply damaging fragmentation and dissolution of society. We're getting a society where there are deep rifts between the population groups. It undermines one of the most important qualities of a society, namely the trust between people. Denmark is a country with a lot of trust, and it will be a tragedy if we squander it," says Karen Jespersen.

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At 5:40 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Islam set rules for how society should be organized."

I am not at all sure that Islam differs in this from Judaism and/or Christianity. Both have rules for organization of society and both have tried or been trying at various times to inflict their rules on the population.

Timing and location is all the difference in this respect. I think so.

At 9:49 AM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

What are you Atheist?

Christianity produced the rules (metaphysics, ethics, and morality) that led to the formation of the United States....and European modern democracies.

Islam produced the rules that led to modern Muslim Majority countries. The best of perhaps is Maylasia, which still enforces Muslim Supremacism and Shariah Law.

At 12:21 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The GZM controversy has been a fantastic vehicle to educate Americans on Islam and what is going on in Islamification works, and the threat to liberty that it represents. You know that Europe filled with Christians that are just as bad as Muslims. Rollseyes.

The more people learn about it...the harder their opposition to Islam becomes.


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