Monday, October 11, 2010

Creeping Sharia

Via: The Iconoclast:

An Arab investor has included the following contract clause for leasing his building in Berlin:

It states: "The lease may be transmitted to a tenant whose Core business activities do not include the following for which it cannot be rented or subleased:

... Gambling, prostitution, sale, production, distribution or
Marketing of alcohol or pork, interest-based banking business,
Financial transactions or financial services and insurance business, with
Exception of mutual insurance. "

More, here.


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At 12:57 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just when I was learning to love my Saab again...

I admit I did not read the entire entry about the 'creeping sharia' in a Berlin building lease. I do think that private property owners have a right to restrict occupancy in some ways that reflect their religious beliefs.
It is a slippery slope when one religion is criticized and others are not. What do Mormom-owned building leases in Utah restrict? Could a commercial building owner in Borough Park, Brooklyn legally exclude tattoo parlors and pork stores? I would think so...


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