Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holocaust Revisionism

Holocaust revisionism has taken on many shapes and forms in the last decades. Something about the Holocaust makes people want to change history. Holocaust denial/revisionism has been a thriving industry for the pro-Palestinian crowds, who can be found everywhere.

So here is the latest incarnation of this morally-odious project which was reported by a commenter on Z-word blog.

The reviser is French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard who is being honoured by the Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an honorary Oscar:

In a 2009 article in Le Monde, “Godard and the Jewish Question” by Jean-Luc Douin, Godard is quoted as making an off-camera comment during the filming of a 2006 documentary: “Palestinians’ suicide bombings in order to bring a Palestinian State into existence ultimately resemble what the Jews did by allowing themselves to be led like sheep to be slaughtered in gas chambers, sacrificing themselves to bring into existence the State of Israel.” Godard apparently believes that Jews committed mass suicide during the Holocaust in order for Israel to be created. The same article quotes him along these lines: “Basically, there were six million kamikazes” and “Hollywood was invented by Jewish gangsters.” At least Godard cannot accuse the American film industry of being ungrateful gangsters.

What can you do? How is one to begin to confront this evil? How is it possible to neutralize it?

The whole article is worth reading, a necessary lesson.


At 3:17 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh boy...

At 3:23 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Yes, you can say that again.

At 6:46 PM EDT, Anonymous Migreli said...

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At 7:07 PM EDT, Anonymous Bella said...

Wow, I had no idea he was such a pig. I knew he was a Maoist and they often lose their moral compass, and I knew that some, not all, of his films were unwatchable, but this is a shock. I'm so naive.

At 4:24 PM EDT, Anonymous WillJames said...

Gosh, and I used to watch Godard movies and agonize that I wasn't sophisticated enough to grasp all the nuance and subtlety. Another of my idols from the 60s has turned out to be a hateful half-wit.

Even more disappointing was seeing John Berger, a writer I loved dearly, aligning himself with the Palestinian "resistance" in petitions and what-not. Quite a journey, from avant-garde visionaries to useful idiots, made in record time...

At 5:25 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Another of my idols from the 60s has turned out to be a hateful half-wit. --- WillJames

Eventually you will realize that they always were.

At 9:19 AM EDT, Anonymous WillJames said...

If you are not a revolutionary in your twenties, you have no heart.
If you are still a revolutionary in you sixties, you have no brains.

Once upon a time, many of the brightest and most courageous people that I knew were on the radical left. What's unfortunate is that the nation and the world have changed while their cognitive maps have remained frozen. They have become half-wits and dim-wits because their paradigms were non-porous and inflexible.

Thus they have become easy marks for the demagogues of today who take the measure of their worldview, manipulate them accordingly, and turn them into useful idiots.

At 8:52 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Some people catch on a bit quicker than the slow learners.

Never the less, idiots cause just as much damage, as the malevolent.


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