Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The kinship of the single-minded"

The leaves are falling, as they do every October, but LEAF, the women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, seems impervious, or at least resistant, to changes of season. This week the sisterhood is celebrating whatever role it played as intervener in (a) acculturating the quaint custom of wrapping up women like sausages and (b) legitimizing the idea of defendants having to face masked accusers in Canadian courts.

From now on, at least until a higher court decrees otherwise, shariah will gain a symbolic foothold in Canada’s justice system. Trial judges will determine case by case if a witness can testify wearing a niqab. The door had been opened by blue-ribbon feminists; the mullahs just walked through. Ironically, in Ontario the burqa isn’t the Taliban’s fashion statement but feminism’s.

What do we lose? Oh, bagatelle; a few principles. Blessed by judicial hypocrisy, we’ve reduced the ability of lawyers to cross-examine, juries to arrive at informed conclusions and defendants to make full answer and defence. Look at what we’ve gained, though: We’ve accommodated a liaison between modern matriarchy and medieval theocracy.

Talk about strange bedfellows. It certainly illustrates the kinship of the single-minded.

Still, I’m not as dismayed by the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in R. v. N.S. as many friends in the media. True, taking away from men in legal disputes with sausage-ladies every defendant’s right to test demeanour evidence in court is pretty bad, but it could have been worse. Someone could have argued that to avoid unfairness to non-Muslim complainants, or the non-religious, all accused should be deprived of the benefit of demeanour-evidence.

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At 6:28 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have stayed outside raking leaves and filling moleholes with used kitty litter :)

Your post is the brandy to savor after reading Franzen define post-modern American liberalism in the Guardian, as seen thru the lens of Commentary.

Are they ALL nostalgic for a hazy utopia of secular guilt?

Even Tolkien knew Good had to destroy Evil with armies, even an army of the dead. And Tolkien was inspired by the fiction of the Radical Socialist, William Morris.


At 10:13 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

America is almost a Rogue State, and as soon as the Dems lose control of Congress and Obama is booted out the Whitehouse by white robed AmerKKKans, brandishing nooses and will be THE PARAIAH STATE, replacing Mini Me, aka Israel, which currently occupies that title.

At 7:21 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Women wrapped up like sausages - now this one changed my internal associative process forever, Noga. And I will blame you, you know...

At 1:30 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EV: only small salamis are Pariah States, never the big ones.

Israel's best chance is to declare itself part of Tibet, and ask the Chinese to take over. All we need is to get the Dalai Lama to admit he is Jewish, that Tibetans are the true Lost Tribe of Israel :)



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