Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sighted on the Internet: Jews that inspire admiration..

1. Over at the Spine, in a message board attached to the The New Republic, I have developed a highly venomous relationship with one commenter, a self-proclaimed Jewish something or other (hard to determine exactly as he keeps adding to his credentials). I'm using my blog not only to express my opinions but also as a log, a way of keeping record of strange and anomalous thinking i sometimes come across in my travels across the Internet. This certain commenter has to be recorded:

He started by stating:

" What Obama was most unprepared for is the reality that the enemies of America are not just the Iranians, Moslem terrorists, the Chinese, and such, but the entire American right."

And then went on to explain, lest there should be any mistake about the levels of his fanatic loathing:

"Every last one of them is an enemy of the United States of America, happy intentionally to damage the nation for the purpose of unseating Obama, happy to side with our enemies and make our problems, such as unemployment, worse for the purpose of unseating Obama, even willing to declare that the purpose of power in the hands of the Republican party is not to address the problems of the nation but to unseat Obama. And what they will do for personal greed is unspeakable. They are enemies. We are in a life and death struggle with them for the future of our nation, or whether it even has much of a future. Traitors, scoundrels, liars and thieves one and all.

I suspect this is the sentiment that noga finds so odious. But, it is true none-the-less. And we know perfectly well where noga would find her political company if she were an American.

Time to ratchet up the rhetoric and go hand to hand with these insane sons of bitches in the same hyperbolic terms in which they attack the left. We need open political warfare in America, with two sides engaged, not just one. Then the matter can reach some resolution -- either they are marginalized, finally, or they get a free hand to wreck the place. Appeasement is not an option any longer.

PS There are no doubt some reasonable people on the right, somewhere, but they have more or less of the same mythical character as "moderate Moslems" who are supposed to engage and overcome Islamist radicals. If they exist at all, they certainly aren't doing anything much to combat extremism. So too with right-wing moderates. If they exist at all, which is doubtful, they are doing nothing to contest with their dominant extremists. Hence, we can ignore them as either to few and/or too craven to make a difference. The one righteous person in Sodom."

As I said, just for the record.

2. Palinophobia:

To say that Jonathan Chait, a regular writer for The new Republic, does not like Sara Palin, would do him a gross disservice. The English language has not yet generated the necessary words by which his loathing of her can be properly expressed. So, language failing to do justice to the great agitation he is seized with whenever she moves into his field of vision, he resorts to some very low tricks. He only posts a photo of the lower half of her face and within a few sentences he cross-references her with a clip from a horror movie in which a monster is featured. So in one piece of writing, one pretty short article, the reader is forced more or less to substitute Palin's real face with that of a shudder-inducing inhuman monster.

Nice sleight of hand. Where have we seen such tactics employed before?


At 12:20 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Enemies of the people, eh?

That's a good start.

At 9:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you certainly captured the two most loathsome aspects of TNR :)

the right-hating commenter is usually rational outside of The Spine - yet almost pathetic in his quest for a "following".

Chait on Palin - yes, those two photos are really creepy enough to keep me from going back. I believe Chait must be recovering from the stroke he had when he heard about Jennifer Rubin's move to 'balance' the uber-liberal Greg Sargent at the Washington Post.

Further to your speculation about whether the intensity of Palin Derangement Syndrome is primarily because she is a woman, I thought David Frum offers a good analysis, with five reasons that do not include her sex.

I renewed my subscription for 2011. Electronic only was priced ok, just in case I feel the need to drive most of them crazy. poor ir finds me "unpredictable", yet fails to ever see that I break free of all ideologies. so many dots to connect. never one true answer. a lonely planet for such as us.

There is a new 'movement' afoot in the U.S. - trying to organize the moderates/centrists as a response to the Tea Party.
Interesting 'founders', including Frum and a passel of Clintonistas, but they lost me with Daisy Khan, who provides my segue to an architecture design deemed too 'radical' for Tribeca. Alas, the GZM is NOT in that historic district, but maybe their architect will get the same message. Postmodernism is quite a broad battlefield (really, just look at the rendering):

see ya!


At 3:26 AM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Sarah Palin is but a symbol, the Mother Conservative, the embodiment of all that Chait finds most loathsome....the White Euro Christian and the keepers of its cultural heritage and civilizational conservation.

He is the same as the the fellow commenting above that you quoted. Only more eloquent in his villification and demonization.
Those on the Left seek to destroy all that Sarah Palin represents.

Islam and Muslims are the minority group within the Leftist coalition that will break the Lefts forward progress on the deconstruction of Western Civilization since the 60s, as they are just too hideous. Western peoples will seek to protect themselves and in the process all the cards will fall, PC, Multiculturalism, Diversity Promotion, Mass Immigration of Third Worlders, Moral and Cultural Relativism.

It will be a 3 Way fight, with the Left allying with Muslims(Islamists). It wont be pretty, and it wont end well for the Left or Muslims in Western Christian lands.

But this is where the Leftist Zeitgeist has taken us.

In America, Leftists wont be sending folks to the Gulags, for Incorrect Thinking and Hate Speech...we are too well armed for that. Its Europe where the ugliness will be felt hardest. Though North American Anglo nations will feel the positive impact of a new White Anglo Euro cultural confidence.

At 1:51 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Legal Insurrection on the Southern Poverty Law Center...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SPLC Demonizes Supporters of Traditional Marriage

I cannot begin to tell you how much it sickens me that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group I supported many years ago because of its work against the Klan, has become a key player in labeling legitimate conservative political and religious groups as "hate groups."

I have documented how SPLC exaggerated the number and extent of "hate" groups, including counting two Klan groups in my home state of Rhode Island which simply don't exist; how SPLC falsely labeled a black conservative law professor "an apologist for white supremacists"; how the SPLC falsely accused a history professor of being on the payroll of Turkey because the professor's research questioned whether the killings of Armenians constituted "genocide"; and how SPLC falsely claimed that a speech by Sarah Palin at the first National Tea Party Convention was one of the landmark events in the "patriot movement" (which SPLC defines to mean Tim McVeigh-types).


At 2:31 AM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The Center is not gonna hold Noga.

Get ready for the rumble.

At 11:35 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Psychological research has proven again and again that anonymity increases unethical behavior[imbedded URL]. Road rage bubbles up in the relative anonymity of one’s car. And in the online world, which can offer total anonymity, the effect is even more pronounced. People — even ordinary, good people — often change their behavior in radical ways. There’s even a term for it: the online disinhibition effect [imbedded URL].

Many forums and online communities are looking for ways to strike back. Back in February, Engadget, a popular technology review blog, shut down its commenting system for a few days after it received a barrage of trollish comments on its iPad coverage.

Many victims are turning to legislation. All 50 states now have stalking, bullying or harassment laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication. ..."

[the online disinhibition effect thrives on]


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