Sunday, May 08, 2011

Double Standards - a thought experiment with real people

Courtesy of the sly imagination of Snoopy the goony simple Jew

"4 helicopters landed in Beirut suburb under the cover of darkness. A team of Israeli soldiers from the "Sayeret matkal" emerged. They've penetrated a very well guarded building, and after 40 minutes of firefight left with the corpse of Hassan Nasrallah. After DNA testing the corpse was positively identified on board and then, "in full accordance with Islamic tradition", thrown into the Mediterranean Sea. Together with Nasrallah another three men were killed, as well as his 148th wife that tried to protect him with her body."


At 1:11 PM EDT, Anonymous Will James said...

This sounds like a marvelous plot synopsis for a new Tarantino fantasy film.

It does indeed make you wonder why Israel alone is expected to deal with the psychopathic killers on its peripheries by making concessions and apologies and eschewing all preemptive defense.


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