Monday, May 30, 2011

Israel's colonization of Arabs

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It appears that, following Obama's speech, the term "defensible borders" has become, in some quarters, a euphemistic synonym for Israel's colonization of Arabs. A scam, a scheme, concocted by Netanyahu, as one enraged poster on TNR keeps telling us. Before we allow such perceptions and terminology to dominate and dictate the discussion, I'd like to remind people of the historical record, as inconvenient as it may be to all those Obama aficionados who cannot bear to have their darling heroic president challenged on his tendency to re-write Israel's history, and Israel-US understandings, in his speeches to the Arab world.

Yigal Allon was Israel's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs since 1974, and a member of the Cabinet since 1961. He was Commander of the Palmach, the striking force of the Haganah before the establishment of the State, and during the War of Independence he commanded successively Israel army operations in Eastern Galilee and on the central and southern fronts.

Here is what he wrote in 1976:

"It is impossible to plumb the depths of the Arab-Israeli conflict, not to speak of formulating proposals for its solution, if no true understanding exists of the full significance of its cardinal characteristic-the extreme asymmetry of its two sides. This asymmetry is manifest not merely in one or two, but in all, of its aspects. It is obvious in such objective data as the comparison between Arab and Israeli territories (of the Arab League states 8,500,000 square miles; of Israel, including presently administered areas, about 28,500); or of the relative population statistics (of the Arab League states 134,000,000; of Israel 3,500,000 citizens); not to mention their contrasting actual and potential wealth.

But of primary importance are the subjective asymmetric factors affecting relations between the two sides. In this respect, there is absolute polarization. Whereas the Arab states seek to isolate, strangle and erase Israel from the world's map, Israel's aim is simply to live in peace and good relations with all its neighbors.

These diverse objectives have determined the war aims of both sides. It is within this context that we should mention the chain of terrorist acts that was designed not merely to sow death and destruction in Israel but also to extend the conflict, and thus embroil the Arab states in full-scale wars. It is almost superfluous, and certainly tiresome, to quote the legion of statements of Arab leaders that represent this aim, ranging from the "Palestine Covenant" to current governmental declarations."


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thanks for the TNR link - was wondering where the enraged poster had gone. Came here to post below, but also just added it to that thread.

"...On the eve of the Libyan revolution of 2011, a blogger asked whether a liberated Libya would recognize the right of return of the Libyan Jews.

The rebel responded, “You should ask whether the original inhabitants will allow us to remain.”

He then explained that Libya’s original inhabitants were the Berbers and Jews. ..."

and hope you read Glick today.

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