Monday, May 30, 2011

Religious duty to Hate Jews - Not Antisemitism

The double paradox of tolerance
: Not only is intolerance tolerated, but the opposition to the toleration of intolerance is deemed intolerant and prosecutable by law. A harbinger of the way of things to come?

Via Islam in Europe:

"On May 12 the newspaper published the results of a study 'Jong in Brussel' by the Youth Research Platform. In the article Mark Elchardus said that antisemitism among Muslim students was theologically inspired and that there is a direct link between being Muslim and harboring antisemitic feelings.

Vigilance musulmane say that this goes back to the idea that every Muslim is antisemitic. His statements incite the public opinion to hate all Muslim citizens on the basis of their religious convictions. The think-tank say Elchardus' claim violates the anti-discrimination law of 2007 , which forbids discrimination on the basis of 'religious convictions'. "

What I understand the Vigilance musulmane's argument to be is that if you are instructed by your religion that it is your religious duty to to hate Jews, then hate speech laws are irrelevant and invalid. In fact, hate speech laws can be invoked against those who draw public attention to these religious instructions.


At 11:59 PM EDT, Blogger Miri said...

Islam is not only hate Jews,but Christians and all others.
stop being naive! islam is a satanic cult
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At 12:34 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The prosecutions of those who criticize Islam and Muslims is already well underway, with the help of the Western Left.

Blasphemer's will not be tolerated.

At 9:14 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitchens on: Mother Teresa

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