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@ Norway and Jews: Livni, Israel's first female foreign minister

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“…and b) that Tzipi Livni was Israel’s first female foreign minister and party leader. ”

In 1956, {Golda Meir] became Foreign Minister under Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Her predecessor, Moshe Sharett, had asked all members of the foreign service to Hebraicize their last names. Upon her appointment as foreign minister, she shortened “Meyerson” to “Meir,” which means “illuminate.” As Foreign Minister, Meir promoted ties with the newly established states in Africa in an effort to gain allies in the international community.[17] But she also believed that Israel had experience in nation-building that could be a model for the Africans. In her autobiography, she wrote: “Like them, we had shaken off foreign rule; like them, we had to learn for ourselves how to reclaim the land, how to increase the yields of our crops, how to irrigate, how to raise poultry, how to live together, and how to defend ourselves.” Israel could be a role model because it “had been forced to find solutions to the kinds of problems that large, wealthy, powerful states had never encountered.” (wikipedia)

When a journalist makes this kind of blatant error, testifying to near perfect ignorance of Israel’s history, why would anyone at all take anything she says seriously? Is the Norwegian readership so uneducated? Or is it that the journalist systematically and consistently underestimates the intelligence and degree of knowledge of her readers? Or maybe she counts on her readers’ readiness to read and believe all the smut she throws at Israel?

@ Bob's, the rabid Zionist:

"On the allegation that there is no political diversity amongst the in the comments here apart from the obvious dissenters, because everyone is pro-Israel and therefore Zionism is the key to what is acceptable. I am gob-smacked: only a completely but perversely Ziocentric reader could come up with this analysis. "

I don't understand why you are gob-smacked. Any non-Zionist who criticizes Israel without:

- relying on lies, rumours, slander
- using a double standard, one for Israel, another for the rest of the world
- scrutinizing Israel's behaviour through a magnifying glass while ignoring the other side's provocations
- expressing mandatory contempt and suspicion for Israelis or their supporters

is, as per definition, a Zionist.

It is so according to Levi. And I agree with him. Because anyone who provides constructive criticism which is genuinely concerned with peace, and respectively, Israeli and Palestinian self-determination, statehood and safety, cannot but be a Zionist. I take my education in this matter from reading, among other sources, Levi's blog and Angry Arab blog both of which share a very broad definition of what "Zionist" means. It is basically: if you are not with Palestinian positions 100%, you are against Palestinians 100%, and that, in effect, makes you a flaming Zionist.


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Robert Spencer speaks Truth to Antifas in Stuggart Germany.


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