Friday, July 29, 2011

Here is a pro-democratic chant to gladden one's heart:
"Ya Obama ya Obama, we're all Osama."

Via Martin Kramer:

Reports from today's massive demo in Tahrir Square, from Marc Lynch: "Most popular chants at Tahrir: demanding sharia, free Omar Abd al Rahman [first WTC bombing plotter], hang Mubarak, Muslim-Christian unity, reject US aid, anti-Israel," and "Huge chant goes up. The people want to implement sharia." Other news sources (and a friend on the ground) also heard: "Ya Obama ya Obama, we're all Osama."

A few days ago I left a comment on the Egyptian blog "Pyramidion". His response is exactly what one would expect from a "liberation" movement whose chants include the bellicose demands specified in Kramer's post. Here it is:

"So, that is what your sources tell you about Egypt, an impending hunger and epidemics ..!!

.. My dear, the fable of the Ten plagues is simply not going to happen again, the world has grown out of this historical myths.

… Nevertheless, i found your added video most interesting as it drew my attention to the Mossad covert role in the Nile basin countries – Egypt’s strategic depth.
.. But my favorite was the fake clip about treating burned Iraqis, … Israel instigated the war on Iraq, set the U.S off the leash on some false intelligence, burned down the whole Iraqi nation .. and now Israel play the humanist and the good neighbor … very funny indeed."

By his own account, the blogger is an educated person and a pediatrician, to boot.


Update: If any one is still in any doubt about where this "revolution" is heading, here is a report of another chant , provided by the voice of a true Arab liberal, confirming that for the rebellious Egyptians, the final frontier runs through Al-Aqsa:

"Of course, US media don't report on foreign policy slogans and actions on the part of the Egyptian uprising. They want to sincerely buy the delusion of Thomas Friedman and other Zionists that there is no foreign policy by the Egyptian youth. Yet, every Friday, in the official Friday sermon in Tahrir Square there is a reference to Palestine. Just this Friday, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported this:
لفلسطينيين قائلاً: 'يا أهل فلسطين، سنتجه إليكم يوما متحدين لنحرر مسجد الأقصى، بعد أن نكون قد أزلنا كل الخلافات'."
(...To the Palestinians, saying: O people of Palestine. We shall go toward you one day united to liberate the Aqsa Mosque, after we have removed all disputes.)"

Note please that professor Abukhalil refers to a pledge made by Muslim fundamentalists to liberate a mosque in Jerusalem as " foreign policy". I agree with the good Prof. that Egyptian "liberation" has nothing to do with democracy, liberalism, freedom, humanism, peace-making, self-responsibility, or economic progress. Whom he is arguing against, it is difficult to fathom. We knew it almost from the start.



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At 3:34 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

I remember that case in UK where some country folks confused "pediatrician" with "pederast". Oh well...

At 12:34 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

surprise surprise that the YouTube tweeters never represented Egypt. There are more Copts than liberals in Egypt.

still, western medidiots may now await the Egyptian winter bread riots. where does THAT get covered by Sharia?


At 10:35 AM EST, Anonymous political consultant said...

Why are they so blind to the true intentions of the pan-islamists?


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