Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Angry Arab Tartuffian moments:

The bigotry:

"Is there any act of violence by any Palestinian that Israel does not consider an act of "terror", or tewwoww, as pronounced by Shimon Peres"

 Imagine the shrieks if any Israeli prof. were to mock an Arab leader for pronouncing 'Peres' as "Beres" ...

The fig leaf:

" To Western supporters of Kurdish rights
How come there is silence regarding Turkish murder of

 I searched for key words "Kurds" and "Kurdish" at the angry "news" service and found 13 posts all in all in which Kurds are mentioned by the pious prof. AbuKhalil, since 2005.
That makes it an average of 2.1 posts per year. As a fig leaf, it can hardly do the job of covering up his indifference to Kurdish claims and suffering. So why is the pot calling the kettle black? And is the kettle really black, anyway?

Academic thinking:

"Lies of the Times

"In what some here saw as a rehearsal for September, thousands of Palestinians and their supporters, some wielding firebombs and stones, tried to breach Israel’s northern border with Lebanon"... That is the first I hear about "firebombs" during the border protests, not that they are not justified in defending themselves against Israeli aggression. Against an Israeli state that uses fighter jets to kill civilians in their beds, all means by Palestinians are justified."

Translation: It is all lies, but even if it is true, it is justified.

Academic research: Paranoia and Conspiracies

"A new Zionist trick in Western media

There is a new Zionist media trick about the Middle East as of late. Zionists plant a story in the Saudi and Hariri press. And then they cite that planted story as fact and then it gets circulated. There was such a story weeks ago in the Saudi junk media about a supposed meeting between Iranian representatives and Syrian opposition figures. So now, the reliable recipient of Hariri propaganda, Georges Malbrunot, recycles the story. So now, the Hariri media are now re-publishing their own story but this time they are citing the authority of Le Figaro.

PS I just realized that I had written about this phenomenon before."

The professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley does not shy away from a magician's sleight of hand when it comes to airing his infinite number of anti-Israel grievances. Please note how he starts by making an assertion that he has no intention of validating by hard evidence: "Zionists plant a story in the Saudi and Hariri press." and then goes on to provide some authenticity to his empty statements by linking to stories in media outlets . He hopes that readers will not notice that his links offer nothing by way of substantiating his initial accusation of a Zionist conspiracy. He is like a magician who produces a rabbit out of an empty hat, except that in the case of the magician there was a rabbit concealed somewhere.

Let me remind you that this is a professor in a respectable American academic institution, entrusted with teaching students the basic rules of theory and evidence.



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