Monday, August 29, 2011

No Tears for Gilad

Gilad Schalit is 25 years old today, and has spent nearly a quarter of his young life in a Hamas hellhole.

Gilad Schalit is a human being. He has done nothing to deserve this fate except be where his country placed him and where Hamas's evil and cowardly angels managed to get to him. His captors have malevolently refused to let any humanitarian visits from the Red Cross or anybody else. This is Hamas, on whose human behalf Jimmy Carter spoke so loquaciously, on whose behalf flotillas are organized and the hearts of all sorts of so-called do-gooders are being tugged into brutal, racist and exclusionary pity.

How come? Has Gilad Schalit's humanity failed to qualify to a certain grade, that he can be thus discarded by the Alice Walkers of this world, like some soiled, unwanted garment?

Alice Walker's God does not appear to have any pity for Israeli boys. Jimmy Carter could not spare a word for Gilad. Are they liars? Or just your garden-variety Tartuffs?



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