Saturday, October 08, 2011

Quotes from an Arab Spring

The Angry Arab reports approvingly:

"The NATO rebels closed down the synagogue in Tripoli. A statement from the rebels said that they won't allow the reopening of the synagogue unless the petitioner is not an Israeli, and a supporter of Israel, and that he should be a supporter of Palestinian right to return."

If you find it a bit hard to understand the rational-ethical connection between a synagogue in Libya and poor Palestinians, here is an extensive explanation that does not even pretend to be rational or to care about the finer points of distinction between anti-Israel rhetoric and antisemitism:

"No, Mr. Gerbi. You are not here to play the hero or be martyred; you are here to play the victim. The Jews through history have perfected the role of ‘the victim’ to a fine art. There is no doubt that they were victimized, mostly in Europe and they were killed and murdered in their millions, amongst other minorities, during the Nazi regime. But they have used this to maximum effect to gain sympathy and a homeland in Palestine.

This story was plastered all over the western press, especially in the US, with no mention whatsoever of the atrocities Israel is committing against Palestine and the Palestinians.

As I said often enough, anger makes you stupid.


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