Friday, December 02, 2011

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At 2:48 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

The so called Arab Spring will put the lie to the Moderate Muslim mime.

The Muslim Brotherhood is getting widespread support in Egypt from so the so called moderate average Muslim voters, the solid middle of the Bell Curve of the Muslim population. The Salafists are the Conservative Wing of Islam, and the real moderates and liberals are a smallish minority of Muslims.

This is the reality of the situation in Europe as well, its just that they arent powerful enough to elect these parties to power to make the laws of the land.

Hopefully this will allow people that see the problem clearly move public opinion away from the Leftist apologizers and champions of Muslim minority rights, priveleges, and immigration, and the promotion of Islam within the West.

But the MC-PC zeitgeist is going to be difficult to break, as they are locking up people in growing numbers for criticizing Islam and Muslim immigration, Muslim immigrants, and Muslim communities within the West.

The PC-MC Left is now promoting the term "Moderate Islamist" to describe the party in Morrocco, and in Tunisia....and no doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will be accorded that nomenclature as well.

None are so blind as those who attached to their ideological and political wishful thinking.


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