Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Look Who's Talking!

I. "I n 9 September 2011, several thousand protesters forcibly entered the Israeli embassy in Giza, Greater Cairo, after breaking down a recently constructed wall built to protect the compound.[3][4][5] Later, after the protesters broke into a police station and stole weapons, the police fired tear gas in an attempt to protect themselves. The demonstrators eventually broke through the security wall and entered the offices of the embassy. Six embassy staff, who had been in a "safe room", were evacuated from the site by Egyptian commandos, following the personal intervention of US President Barack Obama.[6][7][8]" (wikipedia)

Prof. Abukhalil (Angry Arab) was overjoyed:


Matthew sent me this from Cairo: "i just drove by what used to be the israeli embassy in cairo. it's now completely empty, the staff has fled. there is no longer an israeli flag hanging in cairo or anywhere else in egypt."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Egyptian Flagman

"An Egyptian provincial governor has rewarded a protester who tore down the flag from the Israeli embassy in Cairo with a job, new home and honorary shield, newspapers reported on Thursday. Ahmad al-Shahat shot to fame after scaling the tall building, removing the Israeli flag and replacing it with Egypt's national colors as hundreds demonstrated outside the embassy on Saturday night. Thousands cheered and encouraged Shahat as he climbed and jubilation broke out as he ripped the flag from the pole. Video images of Shahat clambering up the building swept the Internet and set off a flurry of “Flagman” postings on social network." (thanks Karim)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The new Egypt: tell Zionists to mourn Mubarak's fall some more

"The scene outside the Israeli Embassy in Egypt turned into a massive celebration of hundreds of Egyptians dancing and singing after a young man took the Israeli flag down and pinned an Egyptian one in its place early Sunday morning. People chanting, cars honking and others carrying Ahmed al-Shahat on their shoulders in joyful expression of the absence of the flag were seen shortly after the incident."

II. When an Israeli diplomat had to be rushed out of Morocco when thousands of enraged Arabs thronged the streets in protest of his presence on Arab land, AbuKhalil was overjoyed:

"Ha ha ha: an Israeli chased out of Morocco"

III. The same AbuKhalil is shocked, shocked, to his humanistic anarchistic core:

"You want to make peace with those hoodlums?

"Fans of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team marched through Jerusalem chanting racist slogans, a month after attacking Arab workers at a shopping mall. The fans marched from Sacher Park to Teddy Stadium on Sunday for a game against the Hapoel Acre team. Fans reportedly beat an Israeli woman, 50, for objecting to the crowd's anti-Arab chants, including "Death to the Arabs," Haaretz reported. Police reportedly have opened an investigation into the assault, which included knocking the woman on the head with a pole from a team flag and spitting at her. Last month hundreds of fans from the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team chanting anti-Arab slogans assaulted Arab workers at a Jerusalem shopping mall following a local game. Sixteen fans were arrested; six were banned from future games."

y the way, do Israelis find all this detestation for them in the Arab world overwhelming? They should."

This hypocrite, who can barely contain his delighted excitement when Israelis are attacked by Arab lynch mobs, and then pretends to be outraged by anti-Arab rage in Israel (which is deftly and swiftly dealt with by the police and roundly condemned by one and all) is none other than Prof. AbuKhalil, a professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley. He teaches young American students what is correct thinking, political ethics, how to read critically and think for themselves.



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