Monday, April 09, 2012

From Hebrew Literature:

I'm going to post, for the next three months, short excerpts from Hebrew literary works which I will be reading for a course.

The first one is from a short story by S.Y. Agnon:

From: Agunot (Abandoned wives)

“Dinah, lovely child of Ahiezer, stood by her window, gazing into the trees, and heard. Dreaming, she was drawn to the singer as though-God save us!-a spell had been cast. So she went down, she and her handmaidens, to examine the work of the man. She peered into the Ark, she stirred his paints, examined his carvings, and picked up his tools. All the time Ben Uri worked., singing as he worked, working even as he sang. Dinah heard his song and did not know her heart. And he, even as he wrought, all the time aimed his song at her heart, to wrap it in his rapture, so that she might stand there forever, never depart.”


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