Saturday, June 02, 2012

Angry Arab's Linkage

"My school email is having technical problems so my blogging is affected. I can't access the supply of links that my readers send me."

I conclude from this information that AbuKhalil uses his university's network to at least receive a large number of emails providing him with the meat for his "news" service website. This is a website that says things like: 

"... once Palestine is liberated, I don't think that Hebrew poet living under a Palestinian flag (and using the renamed George Habash International Airport) should be harassed unless they harm the security of the anti-Zionist state."
" But your delusions are good for us: you won't know what will hit you in the future in response to all the war crimes that you have committed against our people. "

"And once the Palestinian refugees are returned to their homes all over Palestine, I will make sure that you get decent rents in the formerly Palestinian refugee camps because we may be a bit short of space for the occupiers then. "
" (Nothing incenses me or provokes me like watching scenes of "tourist" promotion for the enemy state of Israel: I scream in my inside. The stones are not yours. The flowers are not yours. The beaches are not yours. The clouds are not yours. The blueness of the sky is not yours. All will return to their owners. Then, everything will be more beautiful and more splendid.)"
I wonder whether the university that employs AbuKhalil to teach young students the principles of scientific method and basic logic is aware that he uses its facilities to promote his hatred of Israel, Israelis, Zionists etc etc. And whether this is quite commensurate with his role as an academic at a government funded educational institution.


At 5:35 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

The mere term "anti-Zionist state" shows quite clearly that the man is not so much cares about Palestinians as hates J... Zionists.


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