Monday, June 25, 2012

Jokes of an Angry Arab

I once spoke about prof. AbuKhalil's curiously potatoanian sense of humour. It was a sarcastic comment and I have since learned that I may have spoken too soon; he has revealed himself as an original wit. Take, for example, his jokes about the newly elected Egyptian president. Abukhalil obviously is worried that the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate will not live up to all the promises made to the Egyptian people by this organization. He worries when the new president talks about respecting international treaties (that is, the peace agreement with Israel). So, in the best Arab tradition of shaming rhetoric, he mocks the new president by imputing to him all sorts of lurid and frankly indecipherable fantasies. Like this one:

Egyptian Caliph, Muhammad Mursi, said that the US had offered him a starring role with Lindsey Lohan but that he refused. 

There are other enigmatic jokes in this vein. 
This is a good moment to borrow a page from Simply Jews' own arsenal of favourite perplexicons:
 Why Lindsey Lohan? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, the Angry Arab of California State University subconsciously projects, in the best tradition of psychoanalytic theory, onto Mursi his own suppressed fantasies about that lady? 

It is all very puzzling. But funny. Really funny. Hilarious.


At 11:33 AM EDT, Anonymous antizionist said...

Wow, it's amazing how you work out Professor AbuKhalil's sexual preferences so easily, especially since you're such a brain-dead, talentless, shit-caked cunt.


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