Friday, June 01, 2012


Prof. AbuKhalil has something to say about numbers:

"To our enemy, Israel, those are numbers.  To us, they are names, faces, and still brimming with life."

And then he selects one of those numbers for distinction in his 'news' service:

"After nine years of efforts to bring the body of their daughter home, Hiba Daraghmeh's family on Thursday hoped to bury her next to her grandfather.  Israeli authorities have agreed to return the bodies of 91 Palestinians whose remains it kept in unnamed graves in the "cemetery of numbers" just north of the West Bank city of Jericho. Hiba's father Azem, in the northern West Bank town Tubas, told Ma'an of his joy when he learned his daughter's body would be returned."

Here are the numbers associated with Hiba Daraghmeh:
19 - was her age
2003 was the year
5 was the month
19 was the day
when she blew herself up outside a mall in Afula, Israel
70 was the number of injured Israelis
3 was the number of dead Israelis:
36 was the age of Avi Zerihan
41 was the age of Hassan Ismail Tawatha
22 was the age of Kiryl Shremko

Prof. AbuKhalil mourns deeply for this dead terrorist . But then, we know he reserves a special love for those who kill Israelis.

And look how he fumes at the news that perhaps "Hamas is working hard to preserve quiet. The relationship may not be a honeymoon, but there is definitely mutual acceptance by each side of the other's presence."


Update: More numbers 

 "They include Ramez Aslim, the suicide bomber who in 2003, blew up the crowded Cafe Hillel in central Jerusalem, murdering 7 people and injuring over 50. Amongst the dead were Dr. David Applebaum, a world renowned doctor and head of the emergency room at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and his daughter, Nava, aged 20, who was to have been married the next day. They were both dual Israeli and American citizens.

Also released is Raed Abdel-Hamed Misk, the Hamas suicide bomber who carried out an attack on Israel's No.2 bus in Jerusalem in 2003, killing 23 and injuring over 130. The dead included seven children and Goldie Taubenfeld, 42, of New York, and her 3-month old infant son Shmuel. Most of the passengers were religious Jews returning from prayers at the Western Wall."


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