Sunday, June 17, 2012

" A Jewish settler ran over a 10-year-old Palestinian child in Tel Ermaida suburb in Al-Khalil on Sunday night, medical sources said."

Please note that the information is posted on the 11/06/2012 - 09:25 AM and refers to Sunday night and the name of the child is Tamimi:

Here is the same story, featuring the same photo and the same name, but posted on  23/08/2011 - 11:59 AM (nearly 10 months earlier) and refers to the injury taking place on Monday night, and this time the injured child is a girl.

Here is yet another version of the same story, the same family name only this time it is a six year old child, the date is 2012-05-26, and the incident took place on Friday.

According to this version:

"RAMALLAH- A six-year-old Palestinian child was rushed to hospital on Friday after a Jewish settler ran over him with his car near a Ramallah village. Local sources stated that the settler run over the child Raghib al-Tamimi"

Here is yet an earlier version of the story alleging the incident involved three Palestinian kids. The date:  2010/10/09:

"OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AhlulBayt News Agency) - Three Palestinian children were wounded Friday in the Silwan suburb of Jerusalem when a Jewish settler deliberately ran then over.
Local sources in Jerusalem told PIC that the so called leader of settlers in the Silwan suburb ran the children over as they came out of the mosque after performing their Friday prayers, adding that three of them were suffered medium injuries as a result."


Here is how the incident is reported on Al-Jazeera Note the editing down to 26 seconds of a shocking "hit and run" and how the boy is described as "seriously injured"

Here is another version of the story, by ITN, a longer take where you can see the set up: Palestinian kids are staging a rock throwing show for the sake of some cameramen poised for clicking as the right moment will arrive. The kids throw rocks at the approaching car that slows down as some of the kids run towards it, all the better to aim their rocks I guess, and then the collision, and then the car speeding away, its rear window shattered by rocks, and the kid lying on the road, staggering to his feet. And then you can see how the kid is resisting the other Palestinians who try to shove him into a car, while the announcer explain the kid seemed to be "slightly" injured.

So you get the general idea. There was some incident involving a settler's car, and an allegedly injured Palestinian child. What really happened? When did this incident actually take place?


This is what counts as "news" for Prof. Abu Khalil, you know, the professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley.


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