Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Angry Arab's Christmas Wish: Burn Condoleeza Rice

In the spirit of Christmas, Prof. AbuKhalil posts a peaceful and life-affirming wish on his website:

.... p. 181 recalls sacrifices of Abrams et al. during Lebanon war: “we flew first to Beirut to see Siniora; the war was now in its third week. It was not safe to use the airport in Beirut, so Rice’s plane landed in Cyprus and we jumped over to Beirut in a helicopter. The ancient military craft was deafeningly loud and leaked oil all over us, ruining suits, dresses, and hairdos as we flew the 125 miles. We rigged up plastic sheeting over Rice to protect her from the steady dripping.” (Pity no one lit a match.) ..."

To repeat:  "(Pity no one lit a match.) ..."

We know Abukhalil's recorded fantasies about Israel, Zionists, and those who have not displayed a hatred pure enough to meet his strident standards. Nonetheless, it always catches me by surprise that he should be so openly honest about sharing those fantasies. But then, the fantasies of genocidaires have never been secret. They are usually written and repeated for all to see and hear and read. Their very explicitness seems to work in their favour. Nobody believes that anyone would share such fantasies and mean them literally. After all, historical records are evidence that writing books and making speeches about the annihilation of people are just that; they never ever get to the point of actual execution.

BTW, these words, fantasies, preachings, fulminations, are made by a bona-fide professor, a teacher of young American students in an American university. This is the moral core of this particular teacher.


At 10:01 AM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

One can't fault a man over his masturbation technique. It is just not a done thing between gentlemen.

If he prefers to to it in public, so to say, why not?

At 6:19 PM EST, Anonymous Brian Goldfarb said...

"After all, historical records are evidence that writing books and making speeches about the annihilation of people are just that; they never ever get to the point of actual execution." Cough, cough (politely, to draw attention to oneself), umm, Adolf Hitler and 'Mein Kampf', anyone? I think that one got to the point of, and quite literally, execution.


At 9:16 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I do not know if Angry Arab reads Der Speigel, but this article on an archaeologic discovery a Christian empire based in Yemen at the time of M's birth is sure to enrage him.

See you again, here. This is my last day at what used to be thr.


At 6:52 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...The fact is, he [Peretz] has been fighting this fight for nearly fifty years. As a man of the Left, he has fought the fight for Israel and Jewish rights, increasingly alone for nearly fifty years, and has done so despite what must have been enormous personal costs as his comrades all jumped ship, and in many cases, joined the cause of Israel's enemies. ..."

Glick's post is a fine summary of how America's left went over the palestinian cliff. Fitting to post it at the magazine Martin Peretz kept going all these years, just when tnr is no longer about anything serious.


At 2:59 PM EST, Anonymous Marcia Miner said...

Disgusting!! I found what students say about him.



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