Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Daily Calumny

Prof. AbuKhalil posted today the following piece of  "news":

You will not read in the Western press that Israel yesterday killed a Palestinian in the West Bank.  Imagine if he were an Israeli. Imagine the international reaction and uproar.  This is why I have always maintained that in Western coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, you need to take into consideration the racism and bigotry factor according to which the lives of Israelis are more precious than the lives of Arabs. No question about it.

How can one know that the Prof. (who teaches at the State University of California) is not telling you the whole story but only the very tiny part of the available information that allows him to fulminate freely about Israel and Western coverage of the I/P conflict?

When there is a whole post about it without even one link to a possible source.

It took me all of 5 seconds to find the story. Contrary to the Prof's claims,  the incident was indeed covered by at least three global-reaching media outlets, Associated Press, the BBC and Reuters .

 What happened?

A Palestinian motorist rammed an Israeli army jeep carrying intelligence officers in the occupied West Bank and then attacked them with an ax before being shot dead on Monday, Israeli officials said.
They said two occupants of the jeep were wounded in the incident, which police said took place on a road outside the Jewish settlement of Shavei Shomron, west of the Palestinian city of Nablus.
Palestinian witnesses identified the dead man as Hatem Shadid of the nearby village of Alar.
The witnesses said that after the vehicles collided, Shadid approached the Israelis, who were already injured from the crash, hitting one in the head and the other in the shoulder with an object that he was carrying.
One of the Israelis then shot him dead, both sides said.
"First indications are that this was a terrorist attack," said an official with the Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency that monitors Palestinian and Jewish militants in the West Bank under tight secrecy and whose officers were involved in Monday's incident.

Why does he keep making these pitiful attempts at distortions and lies? Does he really have such low respect for the intelligence of his readers? 


At 3:26 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let me make a go at the answers:

1. Cause he's a pathetic moron.

2. Yes.

At 8:11 PM EST, Anonymous Brian Goldfarb said...

"Does he really have such low respect for the intelligence of his readers? " In a word, yes!

BTW, the second word in the first attempt to prove I'm not a computer needed a magnifying glass to pick out, and, before I click on "send", I'm still not sure I got it right. Noga, please get your tests adequate for the glasses-wearing elders!

Oy gevalt, a second attempt!h'


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